(You wanted writing? Nah, you get all the art I’m proud of from 2021. Ignore the bad formatting…)

(5/26/21) How to properly procrastinate on a short story.
(5/25/21) Character belongs to a friend of mine.
(6/21/21) Made for a friend. Character belongs to him.
(6/23/21) My own character, wow! Tsuki Lang. She runs a tea shop and looks like a rabbit, cuz I’m awesome, and I make all the rules.

(7/13/21) A sewer gremlin DND character named Sylas.
(7/31/21) An expression sheet for my sewer gremlin. Definitely, a blast to make. My favorite has to be Judgemental Sylas.

(8/13/21) Shut up, I like this design! Her name is Pandora.
(8/25/21) Look at em! My beautiful ghost boys!! Sebasti√°n and Spice.
(8/26/21) Not my character, but he’s my design. And he’s fabulous!

(8/30/21) Evil goo woman! I work best when I’m in Spanish.
(9/20/21) Not a perfect piece, but I like it. Some DND characters (my designs but not my characters) in a campaign I’m in.
(9/21/21) Not my character, but I love how it turned out.
(9/23/21) DND character. My design, not my character.

(10/1/21) The only decent drawing I made of my spider gal, Ophelia. Very proud!!
(10/5/21) Far from perfect, but I love how the clothing folds came out. Not my character.
(10/19/21) Character in a campaign I’m DMing. Their design and name is an anime character from Re: Zero
(11/14/21) Me as a plague doctor because I wanted to.
(11/16/21) Remember the goo woman? Well she got a redesign in this epic project of mine

(11/21/21) More DND art. My character and someone else’s killing a skeleton Medusa

(11/29/21) My now-dead DND gal dancing with her best friend
(12/8/21) Concept art for DND NPC demon pixie who eats coins
(12/16/21) Someone asked me to draw Wacko Warner.
(12/31/21) Spooder woman with her friend. I really like how this turned out. Ending the year strong


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