[Discord is a very old passion project I have long since abandoned due to a severe amount of plotholes. I’ve been slowly posting edited versions of the chapters.]

(I actually enjoyed editing this one. Some pretty good comedy too. Anyways, enjoy!)

        Glass rained down from the ceiling, threatening anyone underneath it- more specifically, Maxwell. To avoid the shards, he swiveled his chair around, hoping that the back of the chair would block most of the shards. Thankfully it did. Thank you, adrenaline! When the coast was clear, he swiveled back and looked up at the hole in the glass. I mean can’t they just install tempered glass?!

        There was something hovering in the air. It was Silvia, but she looked different. She had…How do I say this?

      Demon wings. Large, purple, leathery demon wings. Her long hair was floating as if underwater. Then, there were her eyes. Her glasses had fallen off and her eyes weren’t blue anymore. Her eyes were bright pink and smoking, and don’t mean smoking hot. I mean like magenta-colored smoke as if her eyes were about to burst into flames of rage. She looked absolutely furious. Let’s call her…Silvia 2.0.

        “You think you can just discard me like some kind of pawn?!” spat Silvia 2.0, “Well, we’ll see who’ll be discarded when I’m finished with you.

        Her voice was low and echoey as if multiple people were speaking out of her. She cupped her hands and then separated them forming a large glowing pink sphere of energy. She threw it forward aiming directly for Discord. The man dashed to the side causing the sphere to explode onto the ground, cracking the white floor under it.

        Before Maxwell could move, he stretched out his hand toward Max. Chains suddenly came out from the arms of the chair, binding Max.

        Discord flashed a grin and simply flicked his wrist. “Silvia, calm down. I never meant it,” he said, his voice a sickly sweet venom.

       Suddenly a black mist enveloped Silvia 2.0 who had seemed to be struggling with an invisible force. She roared with anger, and the mist exploded into small pink fireworks.

        “No, you meant it. I could hear the cruel sincerity in your voice. I trusted you. I-I loved you,” Silvia retorted, her voice breaking with emotion. She threw a round of projectiles at her father

        Discord looked unfazed, but his smile dropped. He snapped his fingers. The projectiles pulsed black and made a 180 in the opposite direction. “I’ve taught you better than to trust people, Silvia.”

        Meanwhile, Max was trying to figure out how to get out of his chair prison. His backpack had everything, but it was on the floor. Max leaned down as far as he could and secured the nearest strap with his teeth. He quickly hoisted it up and unzipped the zipper to search for anything that could free him.

        Water? No…

      Granola bar? Yes, but later…

      Blaster? Probably later…Lockpick! Score! Yes, Max has a lockpick. He tends to overpack a bit.

        He grabbed the lockpick with his mouth and began working, trying his best to block out the noise in the background. After a few minutes there came a satisfying “Click” and one of the restraints was released. Before he knew it the both hands were freed. Huzzah for all that apocalypse training!

        Maxwell opened his arms in a stretch before he began rummaging through his backpack for his blaster. He lowered his goggles onto his eyes and turned on the invention with a soft whir.

        Silvia 2.0 dove for her enemy but was immediately stopped, for her path was blocked by hot, green beams of energy. She looked in the direction of the source to see Maxwell grinning, blaster in hand. He looked quite silly with his goggles on.

        Silvia scowled. “Quit it!”

        She threw an energy sphere at him causing Max to retreat behind the chair which proved to be quite blast-proof. Max peeked around the chair and shot some more blasts in the direction of Discord with a “Pew! Pew!”

        “I’m trying to help!!” Max shouted.

        “It doesn’t look like you helping!” Silvia 2.0 retorted.

        Max shrugged. “I have horrible aim!!”

        “Really?!” She rolled her eyes. “I never noticed!”

        A beam of black shot threw the sky narrowly missing Silvia as if to say, “Hey! We’re in the middle of a fight here!”

        Max pointed his blaster at Discord with terrible accuracy while Silvia 2.0 directed her pink energy blasts in the same direction. After a few minutes of ducking, dodging, and shooting, the enemy was cornered. It could have been that easy! Maybe…wait!

        Discord flashed a grin and placed his hand on the wall. It turned black and crumbled to the floor, a cloud of dust leaving in its wake. Once it has disappeared, it was easy to see that Discord Destroyer of Worlds had too.

        Silence fell upon the room. Max had never liked silence, so he would either try to find something to listen too or if there was nothing to listen to, make some sound. The young inventor strained his ears until he caught Silvia’s heaving breaths and then a loud thump. He turned toward the noise to see Silvia 1.0 (without wings and stuff) lying on the ground. Lifting up his goggles, he ran to her and did one of his standard and most foolproof first aid maneuvers: he shook her until she woke up. When Silvia noticed that she was being shaken she immediately pushed Max away and sat up.

        “What happened?” she asked holding her head.

        “You turned into a winged demon and attacked your father…”

        Silvia blinked and then sighed, “Of course I did.”

        She noticed Max staring at her expectantly so she continued, “It happens whenever I lose my temper.”

        ‘So like the Hulk?’ he wanted to say. “But I thought you were human,” he said instead.

        Silvia laughed a bit, “I never told you that I wasn’t. In truth, no one here’s human. Except you of course.”

        Max’s eyes traced to her face, “And your eyes? I thought they were blue…not pink.”

        “All discords have abnormally colored eyes. I wore magic glasses to make them blue,” she explained uncomfortably, brushing away her long bangs.

        “What was that about your dad?”

        “He’s the emperor of Discord.”

        Max nearly chocked on the granola bar he had long since eaten. “What?”

        “My father is the king of this land. I’ve known that he’s been planning to travel to Earth, but I never knew why until now,” she continued as she exited the room via magic door.

        “And now what?” Max asked, following her down the hall.

        “He’ll probably send some of his assassins to capture you so that he can take your knowledge.”

        “So we’re just going to wait for him to kill us?”

        Silvia stormed into her room and grabbed a satchel, putting all sorts of things in it from food to books to mystifying trinkets. She grabbed a map and opened it onto the table. Then, she grabbed a pen and started tracing a pathway.

        “Well, I’m going to travel to his castle and kill him personally.”

        “That sounds relatively easy.”

        “It’s not,” she said simply, rolling up the map and stuffing it in her bag.

        Max followed her as they retraced their steps for the third time and went back into the white room. “What will I do, then?”

        “You can stay here. There is plenty of food for you and of course hundreds of books for your millions of curiosities.”

        “Well, why can’t I go with you?”

        Silvia put on the satchel and turned to him. “First of all, it’s extremely dangerous, and you’re not a skilled as I. Second, you are a target and having you with me would only make it easier for my father to capture you. Third, your an annoying pain in the neck that gets on my nerves ever so quicky. Case and point, you cant come.”

        Max frowned. Most of her words went in through one ear and out the other, but he pretended as if it didn’t. He was a natural at doing this. She would never know.

        Silvia stared at him. “You didn’t listen to me, did you?”

        “That’s beside the point. I’m going whether you like it or not.”

        The teenage girl sighed, “Fine, but I’m the leader.”

        “Hey, why can’t I be the leader?”

        “Do you want me to explain?”

        Max ignored her question. “Why don’t we rock, paper, scissors for it?”


        It took her quite a while to grasp the concept of rock, paper, scissor especially since she didn’t know what scissors even were. In the end, she was able to understand the rules halfway which was entirely better than not at all.

        “Okay, ready?” asked Max, “Rock, paper, scissors shoot!”

        Silvia quickly unleashed the first thing that came to her hand: paper. She looked up at Max who was holding up two fingers and a silly grin.

        “Scissors cuts paper,” he declared, “So that means I win.”

        Silvia sourly rolled her eyes and told him, “This is a stupid way to decide the leader.”

        “A deals a deal,” he snickered.

        She simply scoffed, “Whatever, let’s just go.”

        Max cocked an eyebrow. “Right now.”

        “Is there anything else you want to bring or something?” answered Silvia as if she were talking to a child.

        Max thought for a second before saying, “Nope”

        “Then, come on.”

        And so, together they stepped out of the hole in the wall and onto the flat plains of Discord. Little did they know, their story just got a lot bigger. In truth, it had only just begun…

[6 pages]


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