(Here’s a cool short thing I wrote in the fall. It’s about the origin story of a vampire named Nocturne. They’re more of a side character, but I think they’re cool)

“Hang the monster!”

“Hang her!”

“Let him choke and die for us to see!”

Those foolish children chanting and chanting the silliest idea. The townsfolk should know vampires didn’t need to breathe. There was no use in a hanging. 

But they would cooperate. They would put on a show for the monkeys. They would writhe and scream and then hang there until the children chose to throw them away, having grown sick of their toy.

However, as they were led to the noose, limbs bound in iron shackles, there was something different about the rope. 

The way it…


It was a miracle Nocturne had survived. It was a miracle their screams had reached the pointed ears of their kin. The shrieking had been cut off in mere seconds, for it had become not only agonizing but impossible to release any cry from vocal cords seared with silver.

One small mistake swiftly leading to an eternity of suffering.

An eternity. In silence.


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