By Pandora

(You might be wondering what this is. No, it’s not a short story. No, it doesn’t have any spiders. This is 10 poems written from the perspective of a character of mine named Pandora, an envious and angsty immortal shadow woman whose cursed state is a punishment for the murder of her aristocratic sister 100 years ago. Oh, and did I mention she has a girlfriend? Pandora likes writing out her emotions in the form of poetry, so I decided to try my hand at writing some for her. Enjoy!)

Misery by Pandora

(Getting right into the angst with this one)

A cloud of misery upon my head,
Drenching people who approach.
The dreariest droning drizzling daze.
A rain of gray. And most 

Give but a glance of sympathy
For they assume my history
Has forever been misery.
Oh please, would someone comfort me?

Together we’ll grow cold
Our hands are what we’ll hold
For misery loves company
Or at least that’s what I’m told

But if your bones can’t take it,
If it pains you just to stay,
Please leave me to misery
For your sake, go away

Be happy.
For with me. 
All you’ll get is misery.

Creative Outlet by Pandora

(A little more general, talking about her need to vent her emotions onto paper)

Pencil to the paper.
Write it down and write it quick.
Write until your mind is calm.
Write until your heart is sick

With alliteration, rhyme, and prose.
And all your raw emotion shows.
No one knows
What is in your head.

Just keep the notebook closed.

Jealousy by Pandora

(This one is scribbled out in her notebook. She didn’t like this one very much.)

Mind in utter entropy


Attention seeking hungrily

She’s so talented.
And him, perfect hair.
Charistmatic confident.
Pretend you don’t care.

I wish I was so talented
So beautiful, so smart.
I wish I was so self-assured.
Feelings burns deep in my heart

Inside, there lives an entity
Causing this lack of vanity.
And so, it slithers dreadfully
The sickly snake of

Pretty Girl by Pandora

(Basically a more specific version of Jealousy.)

Hair like silk
And a perfect hourglass
Voice of a seraph
With a higher social class

Pretty pink lips
And sparking eyes
The simplest smile
Makes all the boys sigh

Picture perfect
Hate it. Hurt it
Hug me. Kill me
Don’t deserve it

What kind of woman
Has the nerve
To have the looks
And have the curves

I’d burn your hair
And slice your skin
But you’d still be a pretty girl
And you’d still win

Hibiscus Hearts by Pandora

(Here’s a romantic one. One of my favorties)

An aching heart as sad as this
Requires photosynthesis
The sun is your eyes
The water, your kiss
The air is your voice
Blowing cool, calm and crisp

And I miss
You so,
But I slowly grow
With but a days of dosage
From the heart that you sow

And you’ve sewed
It up, tight
Like your hug
And the light
Of your eyes

And the passion
Of your every kiss
Lets me complete

Shining in Mediocrity by Pandora

(This one isn’t my best, structure-wise, but it delves into her backstory)

Sister. Sister.
Talent and wit. Her
Beauty like no other
Never shall deter.

Mother and Father.
Are you proud
of my mediocrity?
And how I shroud

My shame.
My eyes.
My pain.
My lies.

Do you know how hard
It is for me
To measure up
to the king and queen?

I’ll never be like her.
I’ll never be like you.
And I understand deep down
That you can see that too.

And sister takes pity
And feels so sorry
For my miserable, terrible

Perfect pretty princess child
Takes the throne.
I’m sick and tired 
Of standing to the side,
Of her taking what’s mine.

So when she feels the cut of my blade
Sharp as a corner, straight as a line
She will finally know, deep down inside
She’ll realize, it is I who shines.

Sapphic Sinners by Pandora

(More romance with a darker tone)

Would it be
A forsaken sin
For these lips to touch
One so feminine?

Beauty. Angel. 
Lovely. Thin.
We’ll go to hell
We’ll dance and spin

And smiling so wide
In an embrace so sweet
We won’t feel the fire
That is burning our feet.

We know the gates of heaven
Will never let us in
Because we act upon this
Perfect sapphic sin.

Clarity by Pandora

(This one talks about how Pandora is nervous and stuttery when speaking to everyone except her lover. So…more romance)

I love 
I love the way you smile
And the way you hug me tight
And whisper in my ear.
With you, my words have clarity.
With you, I have no fear.

An um- um- umbrella
Protecting me from nervousness
My worries dry away
And all that’s left is happiness.

I’ll steal a kiss from your lips,
and from mine, words come unafraid.
Wrapped in eachother’s arms,
We will stay in the rainless shade

With you, I’m never wary,
For you, my dear,
Give me crystal clarity.

Feelings under the Fedora by Pandora

(Pandora does a lot of people watching in her free time. She either envies them or sympathizes with them. This explains the latter.)

You, sitting over there
With that gloomy, sorrowful aura
The miserable man
In the coffee cashmire fedora.

I wonder what’s on your mind.
You seem lost in a sea of gray
I hope, in your heart, you find
Some happiness, although cliche

I understand how hard it is
To even simply try
To clear away, with hope and light,
The shadow of the sky.

8/13/2021 Concept sketch of Pandora
8/14/2021 Concept sketch of Pandora’s human disguise
8/26/2021 Sketch of Pandora with a hibiscus flower


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